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PKRs unique 3-D software has turned online poker into a whole new game. You can creat your own PKR character and interact with other players. PKR brings personality to online poker.

PKR Players can also create their own PKR page to keep track of winnings, create your own blog, and to make new friends with other PKR poker players.


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PKR Bonus Code

pkr 3d poker


PKR Poker - Real 3D Poker

PKR is already a real competitor in the online poker world, even though it is a fairly new room.  This is because of the unique features that make PKR desirable to the player, such as the one of a kind graphics, software and animation. At PKR Poker, players are able to create their own character that they use at the tables.  These characters have the ability to show emotions, crack jokes, do chip tricks and much more.  The bonuses aren’t bad at PKR either, as long as you choose the one that is right for you

PKR Poker Bonus Codes

PKR’s bonus is unique in the fact that the player has a choice between 4 different bonus options, including a massive $2000 bonus.

Bonus Code
Bonus Amount
Minimum Deposit
50% to $250
100% to $600
100% to $800
100% to $2,000


PKR BONUS CODE: 50PK for FREE $50 on your first deposit (min deposit $50)

PKR BONUS CODE: 250PK for a 50% Bonus up to $250 (min. deposit $100)

PKR BONUS CODE: 600PK for a 100% Bonus up to $600 (min deposit $250)

PKR BONUS CODE: 600PK for a 100% Bonus up to $800 (min deposit $10)

PKR BONUS CODE: 2000PK for a 100% Bonus up to $2,000 (min deposit $1,000)


PKR Poker Promtions

PKR 3D Graphics

PKR’s software is one of a kind, and was the reason PKR was able to launch itself right into a top competitor in online poker.  PKR was the first poker room to offer state of the art, 3D animation software, with a ton of one-of-a-kind options including player emotions, chip tricks and more.  PKR allows you to build your own character, similar to how you would in a video game.  As you earn more PKR points you can unlock more clothes and chip tricks for your character as you build them into the player you envision yourself to be.  There are many different camera angles that you can watch your game from, including first person view, any corner of the room or the standard overview. The only negative with the PKR software is that the number of hands played in an hour is pretty low.  With the software being so sophisticated, it takes time for all the player options and bells and whistles to play through each hand.

Online Poker

Online Poker has been around over 10 years. In that time there has been a vast improvement in the software and games offered. The graphics have become more realistic and help create a 3D poker room atmosphere. There is also a trend of increasing bonuses which is great for the players. Most signup bonuses are now around $600.

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